Rewind…Flashback 1

In true Bollywood style, I thought I’d start with a flashback!

It all – my “MBA-hopefulness” – started towards the end of 2006…

It had been 4 years since I graduated from Uni and after a start-up stint in Canada in a very tough tech market, I found myself in Philadelphia as a project leader fighting time to deliver a 3G mobile chipset. Even after a promotion my imagination wasn’t stretched enough to keep my restless-adventurous-seeking mind occupied. After putting all my smarts to work I was still left with enough time to train and run a marathon, travel around the US and live a grandiose social life!

I needed a challenge, and without a driving force so many questions were bouncing around in my head – Move back to India? Umm or take the entrepreneurial plunge? or maybe time for the job switcharoo? – and around that time, I received an email with the subject “Our company’s shares downgraded”.

While my co-workers were busy calculating the dents to their portfolio, thanks to Mr. Analyst, I was lost in my thoughts trying making sense of this typical stock report – that and I didn’t have enough shares to really loose myself in the dent estimation! Something about this “downgrade” hooked me to look-in to the whole ordeal. I started “googling” and jumping from one link to the other and, I came across all these stock-financial terms that I had read before – thanks to WSJ – but I was still lost. A few more clicks led me to the Senior Analyst’s profile…Mr. Analyst started as an Engineer – Ok, so did I – but wait…he spent a couple of years at a business school and some years later he downgrade’s my company’s stock that causes all my coworkers to huddle around like a soccer team after getting scored against.

Hmmmm M…B…A!